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About the Sponsor

For over 100 years, C. R. Bard, Inc. has committed its resources to creating innovative products and services to meet the needs of clinicians, health care professionals and patients. Bard Access Systems, Inc., a subsidiary of C. R. Bard, Inc., is a market leader in the field of implanted ports. Bard Access Systems, Inc., has been in the business of researching, developing, manufacturing, marketing and distributing implanted ports for over 22 years.

About VEINS FOR LIFE* Awareness Program

VEINS FOR LIFE* (VFL) is an awareness program designed to help patients, caregivers (friends & family) and healthcare providers understand how implanted ports can be important components of overall chemotherapy treatment for cancer. Its goal is exactly as its name implies: to help preserve a patient's peripheral vasculature (minimizing pain, maximizing convenience, and limiting complications of intravenous chemotherapy) not only for the duration of the therapy, but for the duration of the patient's life. VFL is constructed on the principle that patients and healthcare providers must be adequately and accurately informed about the use of implanted ports. VFL is comprised of a number of segments designed for patients, healthcare providers, and caregivers (friends & family)..

The Veins For Life* programs logo was created to inspire patients to be a part of their chemotherapy treatment, and it symbolizes growth, wellness, and the trusting relationship healthcare providers build with their patients.

The Veins For Life* awareness program will help patients with cancer and their caregivers (friends & family) learn about how ports work, their advantages and disadvantages over other vascular access devices such as peripheral intravenous (PIV) systems, their impact on improving comfort and lifestyle, and how patients and their providers decide to use ports. The patient portion of the web site ( includes stories shared by cancer survivors, port definitions, discussions of decisions to use ports, a dictionary of terms related to therapy and port usage, lists of resources for patients, and other useful information.

The Veins For Life* awareness Program will assist healthcare providers by providing critical information about the types of available ports and their most appropriate uses, patient criteria for selecting ports for therapy, port maintenance, and the advantages and disadvantages of ports over vascular access devices - focusing on lifestyle advantages, privacy and appearance, and comfort for the patient in treatment.

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